Should kratom be banned in Florida?

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  • Jan - 4 years ago

    My son introduced me to kratom several months ago since he was worried that I couldn't get more potent analgesics in Florida for my fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. I mix it in grapefruit juice which aids absorption. Sidebar: If you take other prescription meds check to see if grapefruit interferes with them! Kratom is mild in reasonable doses and works well with pain relief as well as anxiety, depression, etc depending upon the strain. The constant and annoying question: Does Kratom produce a "High"? For me the only "HIgh" I get is from the joy of living to my fullest potential with minimal pain! Shame on our elected officials dictating how we choose to control our symptoms. They have already tied the hands of physicians trying to provide comfort to chronic pain sufferers. The only drawback is the very high price.
    And this is being written by an RN of over 30 years.

  • AmpSam - 5 years ago

    Kratom is a natural alternative to addictive prescription pain and anxiety medications. We need to stand up and fight for all the people whom this herb has saved their lives.

    Please sign this petition to help keep Kratom legal in Florida! It is very important regarding the future legality of the herb in the U.S.

  • Jim Scianno - 5 years ago

    Kratom is not dangerous. Broward Medical Examiner said so. Kristen Jacibs is ignorant or a bold face liar. I think she is misapplying facts to leverage her outcome. Can't stand hearing anymore of this nonsense in the news.

  • ann - 5 years ago

    This is a great article written by David DiSalvo Contributor to Forbes in 2013 "The Kratom Experiment Begins" - supporting Kratom

    Then he reports his personal evaluation on his website:

    I know a woman whom had breast cancer in one of her breasts at the age of 39 - bilateral masecotmy with reconstruction. She made the decision to remove the other breast. Kratom helped her with pain, depression and panic attacks without the opiates or anti depression medications.

    Long before the cancer, she had an 8 year opiate addiction, and Kratom helped her get off the opiates and out of depression without being heavily medicated (which you easily become addicted to pharmaceuticals, as you know). Kratom is not an opiate. No one has ever died as a direct result of Kratom use. And, there is no high.

    She is a wife. An mother. A sister. A daughter. An artist. A very strong woman. Thank you Kratom for helping her.

  • Mike Dombrowski - 5 years ago

    If kratom should be banned then so should alcohol, nicotine and coffee ! They by far are way more dangerous then kratom but they aren't on the FDA dangerous substance list. GO figure.

  • chris - 5 years ago

    Jacobs is funded by the pharmaceutical companies which obviously have a vested interest in seeing kratom banned. apparently the 100 trillion $ a year they make currently isnt quite enough! not to mention all the deaths they cause. they certainly dont want to see their murder rate dropping either.

  • Steven - 5 years ago

    I think it should be illegal to ban this miraculous plant.
    If anyone thinks it should, they should read some of the thousands of testimonials on how is has made a difference in their lives.

  • Kristin - 5 years ago

    Kratom is a very safe alternative to prescription pain medications. Not only is it non addictive but it does not produce the euphoria that the narcotics can. As a nurse I recommend kratom to anyone suffering chronic pain or chronic fatigue. It would be a huge injustice to society to ban this natural plant and continue to prescribe highly addictive opiates in it's place.

  • Marie - 5 years ago

    This truly is SAVING LIVES! I am a member of SOLACE a group in Ohio that is dedicated to helping people with the disease of addiction. Kratom is a miracle to those trying to get clean from opiates. It is CRAZY to me that people are turning this VERY MILD leaf into a mind altering opiate that causes hallucinations. It does no such thing. Even those that try to get high from it end up taking way too much and all that happens is they get sick and throw up. NO ONE DIES FROM KRATOM! There is NOT ONE substantiated case of KRATOM death. There are people who have died while using Kratom, however it was NOT DUE TO THE KRATOM! Not ONE DEATH!!!! Yet opiates that are killing kids here in Ohio are not being banned. Doctors write out RX scripts for young kids without blinking an eye... then the kids become addicted and eventually OD! Almost every kid I know who died of an overdose was first given the pills by their doctor! LEGALLY! Please stop bashing something you know very little about!

  • Becca - 5 years ago

    KRATOM has given me my life back! I am now the mother and wife I should be! I have battled depression and chronic pain for many years now and didn't like the way antidepressants and opiates took control of me and my life. Kratom reduces if not eliminates my pain and lifts the dark shroud of depression off my shoulders. I now have the ability and energy to run and play with my kids without excessive effects or horrible side effects or withdrawal. I am off of all my prescriptions and only use kratom. It's been a god send! Do not ban Kratom. Do your research!

  • Molly - 5 years ago

    As always, the FDA has overblown exactly what kratom is. Just because it utilizes the opioid receptor, it does not mean it produces the same effects. Unless you'd call a caffeine buzz without the heart racing the same effects. This has helped thousands of people manage pain without the dangerous effects of narcotics, including the dizziness, and it's helped people get off of heroin and other hard drugs. No one has ever died as a direct result of kratom use. There is a rumor put out by a Representative to push her agenda of banning kratom, however there is no proof because the 'toxicology reports aren't out yet'. That death was a long while back, if there was proof, it would be out by now. If you're looking to manage your pain or depression, this is a wonderful alternative to pharmaceuticals. However, if you're looking for a high, you will be sorely disappointed.

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