Do you think Sen. Tom Cotton and other GOP senators should have sent their letter to Iran? (Poll Closed)

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  • Abbot Kaplan - 6 years ago

    Instead of a letter by a rouge group of senators, why doesn’t the United States Senate get its head in the game and perform its constitutional role of providing advice and consent to the president regarding foreign affairs? The method for providing advice is for the Senate to pass a resolution stating what that advice is. The method for providing (or denying) consent is to wait until negotiations are completed and there is a resolution on the table for them to consent (or not consent) to.

  • ml - 6 years ago

    isn't this wrong to go behind our elected Presidents back making him look like he doesn't count, these republicans are not going to stop until they ruin our world, didn't we the people elect President Obama? All these Republican do is try to find fault with anything the Democrats do. In the business world, lesson #1 - don't spend time talking bad about your competition, talk yourself up rather than talk them down.
    I hate to call the democrats the competition but that is exactly what the republicans treat them as. They are no working in the interest of the People Of These United States Of America, the same people that voted for Mr. Obama to be President of the United States of America. To those that think the republicans are working in our best interest , Try explaining this to your Grandkids someday, then apologize to them.

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