Do you think Jessie is seducing Rick?

  • Dr. Doughstax - 7 years ago

    Rick had his hand on a gun while staring lustfully and creepily at Jessie and her family. I haven't seen dirty mackin like that many times has Wolverine tried to fuck Kitty Pryde? Rick taking Jessie's earlier omission of having a husband as her being single is understandable given his situation. But Rick's was being creepy. I think that's a running theme in general with Alexandria but especially with Rick and Jessie: Rick's been removed from civilized society for so long that he probably thinks acting like a caveman is flirting. Shit was so creepy.

  • O4Soldier - 7 years ago

    No, Rick was being very creepy the way he showed his interest towards Jesse. How do I know this? Because I used to have the same type of awkward and or shy exchanges when I was younger. Rick has just been out the game too long...

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