Do you agree with today's announcement over minimum wage?


  • TCB - 8 years ago

    So what about those of us with an education and experience, who have worked hard that make $22 p/hr in a union where you rarely get a raise more than a few cents? So for all the whiners that are upset with minimum wage only increasing by $.20... if minimum wage increases to $15 p/hr, don't you think it's fair for everyone's wage be increased to equal percentage? Hey better yet, why doesn't everyone in the world make the exact same amount of money? Hmmmm lol

  • J.J. - 8 years ago

    The number of people stated to be earning $10.25 an hour is surely wrong. Did that take into account people who can only find part time work? Did those stats include students? Even if it did, anything less than $17 to $20 an hour is not a living wage. A living wage should, at the very least, allow us to save enough to take an educational course at a time in order to upgrade our skills and get a better job. As for starting one's own business, well it takes money to start one. For those making 10.25 an hour even saving $100 bucks a month is near impossible. Opportunity to advance to Management does not exist in every $10.25 an hour job. Sometimes it is simply you, the other cheap labour and the employer. In Victoria we are flooded with returnees from the oil crash in Alberta and transients from Ontario who are living off EI, desperately competing minimum wage. And if you have not been on EI in the recent past you do not qualify for any government subsidized tuition programs. The homeless, expat returnees, housewives, and anyone who has not collected enough EI points for whatever reason (there are many valid ones) is forced to scrape together 2 part time jobs at 10.25 an hour MINUS deductions. It is miserable and hopeless. Us slaves would get more out of working together in a commune for a common goal.

  • Martin Lin - 8 years ago

    Great choice on a yearly salary increase. The circulated idea of $15/hr is outrageous and would have put many of businesses out. To all the whiners who want to be paid more: Salary increases should be earned and they are not rightfully yours. Small increases annually are good to keep up with inflation, but if you truly want to earn more, show your employer you can work or even better, start a business.

  • Garth Doege - 8 years ago

    this shows what the government thinks about the lower pay scale in this province. How about the government raise their wages the same next time. Lol that wouldn't happen now would it. The liberal government needs a slap in the face just like they gave all the young and under privileged people of this province with this decision. It is underly disgusting of what they are proposing

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