Should Boeing and other aerospace companies lose their tax breaks if they reduce their workforce in Washington?


  • Mark Mason - 9 years ago

    Since 2013 Boeing hasnt created any NEW jobs they have only called back the same number we had before 9/11 yes some of the employees are new but the numbers havent gone up.In Wa state we gave tax brakes based on creating new jobs that means more employees then Before not less
    As for the new buildings going up they will employ the lowest amount of emplyees per squre foot then any factory before.
    We cant even get Boeing to commit that Boeing employees will maintain the robots that will do most of the work in those buildings Other States dont trust Boeing why should We?

  • Richard Hansen - 9 years ago

    Boeing powers to be cares not about doing right by people only the bottom line and what they can get away with. They have showed true colors with there work force and the good people of Washington State in the past, Why are we surprised at there double dipping tax breaks and broken promises now. Our state leaders need to learn this is NOT the Boeing of the past that cared adout its work force and the people of Washington State. In dealings with the Boeing of today our state leaders need to check and double check what's expected so they don't get put in the embarrassing position of being out played with our tax dollars.

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