Should Oprah Play Cookie's Mom On "Empire"?


  • Sheila Mercer - 9 years ago

    No Oprah should just be Oprah and buy in on the Lyon IPO! Plain and simple. I can't wait until it comes back after watching it this coming Wednesday~

  • serina y. mitchell - 9 years ago

    No, the rich just get richer! Find a common person and give them a role!

  • Francine - 9 years ago

    Oprah has talent. I am not worried about her money it's about the show. I would love to see Oprah in a high and mighty role. Perfect, WONDERFUL, absolutely marvelous. Do it Oprah

  • Cookie Thompson - 9 years ago

    i think Jennifer Lewis would be good! She has that feisty attitude.
    Let Oprah be herself, and interview the family around the IOP situation.

  • pat steen - 9 years ago

    Let some one else have a chance.

  • sammie - 9 years ago

    No not a believable fit like Jenifer Lewis or Lynn Whitfield. Let Oprah be Oprah.

  • lady virtue - 9 years ago

    She should play lucious' mom jenifer lewis should be cookie's mom

  • Ebates9962 - 9 years ago

    She should play herself!!! I would like to see her interview the family.

  • ann - 9 years ago

    Hell no let her continue to play those 1960 movies

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