Do you blame the parents of the 15 year old who was shot at the Quality Inn at 3:53 AM on Lincoln Street?


  • walter - 9 years ago

    Ricky, your language speak volumes

  • walter - 9 years ago

    excuses, excuses..........leave them at the door and take some responsibility, starting with the parent, or parents? America is becoming the land of excuses

  • Ricky - 9 years ago

    Plenty of good parents end up with fucked up kids. And maybe it was their fault. But who the fuck are any of you to judge these two people who just lost a son?

  • Stephen West - 9 years ago

    November 7th 1995, somewhere around 11:00pm, a cab driver was shot by a 14, 15, and 17 year old kid. Their parents were not involved. The ONLY ones who think it's their parents fault are the ones that are not effected by the shooting

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