Should Empire use the "n-word" on the show?

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  • Cappadonna - 9 years ago

    Two reasons why I voted no for letting the infamous N-Word on Empire:

    1. It's doing just fine without the N-word. It doesn't move the story forward or add anything the plot. It'd be akin to saying 'Hey we should see Taraji's side boob. That would shoot up the ratings." Yeah, it may be 'realism' but at the end of the day, its a gratuitous exercise. Empire is over the top camp it doesn't need the word "Nigga" or any variance crank up the ratchetness.

    2. Basically, its a bad idea because it came out of Terrence Howard's mind . Why would anyone trust Wreck-It-Redbone on matters of show biz? As we've saw with Iron Man, Howard is a one man disaster in terms of cinema longevity. (Though I can't get too mad - Don Cheadle is a great Rhodey and actually has the acting chops to convince the audience that he could fix an Iron Man suit in a pinch) When the high mark of your acting career so far has been playing a pimp turned rapper and screwing up your Marvel money, just shut up and let the real artists do their thing so we can all get paid.

    - Cappa

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