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Should the FIA change the regulations to allow other teams to 'catch up' with Mercedes AMG F1? (Poll Closed)


  • lulu - 9 years ago

    Fun comments. Agree that Horner and Mateschitz have made fools of themselves by karping . . .however, maybe Red Bull is looking for an F1 exit and the Merc engines are a smokescreen? Horner wants to be the next head of FOM and maybe he sees Bernie is buckling at the knees and ready to hobble off the stage?
    All the dopey drama aside, F1 has been on the skids since . . when? I don't know. I do know we used to gather with friends to watch the races and over the years we've all peeled off until now we sit in front of our individual screens fast-forwarding through to the podium and then moving on with our Sundays. Bernie, once exalted for being the F1 kingmaker now seems intent to siphon every last Euro out of the sport until there are no fans, no tracks, and no teams. That's the direction it's headed.

  • Matt - 9 years ago

    The regs should be changed as long as it allows the other teams to develop their engines and not to make merc lose power. but that is a money issue

  • Pedro - 9 years ago

    Let 'em go if they can't stand the heat. Same set of rules for everyone and some are mastering them better than others. That's life, boys.

    All these comments from the Reds really give their brand a bad impression. Williams and Ferrari took the rough with the smooth... for years.

    Stop with the whining. It's pathetic.

  • Scalexf1 - 9 years ago

    rules seem fine, one team to enjoy an advantage has regularily been the theme in F1. Unfortunately so has spoilt, selfish individuals/ teams. I just record the race, fast forward past all the noncence, whether it be commentators trying to pontificate, team owners trying really hard to reach the more gullible members of the audience, or just rubbish put in the programme to fill in the gaps before the race. I do get annoyed when one team is out in front but I was extremely happy when it was my favorite team winning and driving with an advantage. Such is the way of motorsport. Perhaps a little media sensorship of stupid comments and sensationalist remarks would be a better way to limit the self destructive nature of my favorite sport at the moment?

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