Who designed the best temperature scale?

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Posted 4 years.


  • Ethan Warren - 3 years ago


  • Daddy - 3 years ago

    What the fuck is wrong with you guys. Kelvin in scietifically the most acurrate and well suited scale becuase 0 K is unachievable and also K can be written without a • symbol. It is a unified scale for all thermal measurements. Also every scientific equation, including the ideal gas equation PV=nRT has T in kelvin. Just sort your shit out people.

  • Mark Monnin - 4 years ago

    I voted for Fahrenheit, because it makes more sense in regards to weather. However, I do think it's more important to use a global standard so that people can more easily communicate. Also, I like how SI makes it easier to do science than Imperial.

  • tate spate - 4 years ago

    America flirted with the decimal system for a while ad then abandoned it for Imperial, which the Imperialists had already abandoned, for much the same 'logic' as is being used in Congress at the moment, partisanship. NASA of course learnt its 'mixed units' lesson on a certain Mars mission and has been SI ever since. Temperature is not so much a problem, but all the derived units like BTUs. Maybe the only advantage of TTIP is that it will force America to step in line and stop its pseudo protectionist 'tarif' system. I grew up in the transition period and lived in the States too, so I've seen it from all sides. Give me SI any day.

  • Just Duckie - 4 years ago

    Really! The only reason this is STILL an issue (for some) is because the Americans refused to get on board with the rest of the world. I live north of the 49th and I have no problem associating warm winter days with a temperature hovering around the zero mark. If the sun is shining and we can peel off a layer and bask in its warm, I really don't need to know the temperature reading. Its all relative!

    Get with the program!

  • David - 4 years ago

    As a Briton who managed to escape exposure to Fahrenheit during my formative years, I can only say that I have never had any trouble relating my comfort to Celcius/centigrade measurements, and enormous problems making sense of Fahrenheit references.

    As an aside, after 12 years in Spain feeling cold at temperatures that i would find very comfortable in the UK, i wish someone had taken the trouble years ago to explain the importance of humidity in feeling the effects of heat and cold.

    I might not have spent years thinking my sense of hot and cold was disintegrating.

  • Anon - 4 years ago

    What a dumb inference, just because you're used to something, doesn't mean it is the "Best" system.

  • Nigel Clarke - 4 years ago

    In 2013 the Myanmar/Burmese government commited to adopting the SI system of measurement, including Celsius.

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