Do you think the Starbucks' campaign is a good idea?


  • NatashaP - 8 years ago

    Another instance when folks making policies should make sure they run these revolutionary ideas past POC. There is no way this would have passed the "ask Jamal" test.

  • Common - 8 years ago

    I Think it is a great Idea, it would be even better if customers could get a free copy of Electric Circus.

  • Ratty Gadsen - 8 years ago

    Starbucks: It's all about tolerance...of lactose.

  • PrinceLeron - 8 years ago

    This campaign show how little the owners of Starbucks knows about race. And it is so grimy to pass this down to your employees. The next time Starbucks is meeting with other corporations will they discuss race or will they just get down to business? Also the slogans they used where stupid and disrespectful as hell. I do not know how the "Shall we overcome?" make it to the papers. There is no way a black person saw any of this before it went out. And it is not a honest conversation if you give your employees talking points. I just hope that I don't see a news article about Starbucks breaking a sales record on the 20th.

  • jabbi - 8 years ago

    They are gonna mess around and get one of those workers hurt. Unless some sort of education is used before this go in place expect to see many workers on Worldstar.

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