Which of these ideas about cats and their owners do you buy into?

  • God Created - 3 years ago

    Those who thinks that people with cats are stereotypes are idiot! Animals are created by God and we ought to love them and taking care of them. Who says that those with cats are with depression, lonely and single. All these are rubbish. I have friends who keep cats and help with the rescues are happily married and they are happy. Cats makes you happy and how can it cause depression. What a stupid created idea. God dont created animals to make us depressed. Are you here to violate God's creation? YOu Americans like to come out with stupid ideas about the terms "Cat Lady" and cause influence to the society. Most asians love cats.

  • Nichole - 5 years ago

    Firstly, nice article. I wish more men would be wiling to let their cat love show. I am married, been with my husband for 10 years. He is the main reason we have as many cats as we do. I never want to adopt any out, but I understand the stigma of having too many. He is the first one to speak up and say we can keep them all haha. He loves these cats and has no shame in it! I catch him napping on the couch holding one or two of them. Pure and unconditional love.

    Secondly, CYP your comment is ridiculous. I have lived with cats all my life and have only seen a few of them hunt. My cats sleep and love on me all day long. They love to rub against me and lay in my lap and get pets/hugs. They even let me rub their bellies just like a dog. They are sweet and loving creatures. People with opinions like yours have this opinion for two reasons: 1 - you have never had a cat, or 2 - you have only met the few bad cats in the world. Just like dogs, there are a few bad apples in the bunch. Almost always due to how they were raised. With my cats I have given love and hugs since they were kittens and they all love to get hugs and pets from anyone. A few of the older ones I have adopted are not as friendly to strangers, but they are extremely loving towards me.

    I will say, I am a bit biased as I am a cat whisperer :) I currently have a cat who sleeps inbetween me and my husband (yes I'm married and he loves these cats as much as I do) and holds my hand each night. This cat was an old feral cat from outside. He hung around outside for years before he would let me get close. Now he never leaves my side. It's how you portray yourself to the cats and how much attention and love you give them. All they want is to be loved by us. If you treat them well, they will be your friend for life.

  • cyp - 5 years ago

    is funny how this article ignores a number of facts that created these stereotypes that most of the time are true. First off a cat is a solitary predatory while a dog is a pack animal. What this means is that dogs instictively form social bondings with other dogs in their group while cats only form temporary bonds based on mutual trade or them using and abusing the other party. Second is that cats emit a purr similwr to a baby crying. Also while a dog will mostly hunt for food or for his pack a cat wil hunt because it enjoys killing little critters. And yes a man with cats is strange. Cats do almost nothing except hunting for critters. You would be better of getting a fish tank.

  • Kat Anderson - 6 years ago

    nice poll but totally biased, people read an article telling them that those stereotypes are stupid and factless (which i agree with) so of course they vote that way. plus we dont like to think of ourselves as judgemental, even though everyone is

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