Do you like the theme and the art style of Perfect Gentlemen?


  • tony - 8 years ago

    love the video poker I have been a player since 1995 on line great game BUT NEED MORE CHIPS I WISH I COULD BUY AND HELP SUPPORT THE SITE BUT I AM ON SS THANK YOU

  • Clare Smith - 8 years ago

    The stories were very pleasant ! I am having trouble with my laptop and have been unable to get my credits every four hours. Some things are good and some not so good. Such is life.

  • Nancy - 9 years ago

    I liked the fact that the games you played the most were starting on the first page. I do not like the jump back on a game that was just played. It is very annoying and takes away from the pleasure of playing. Also the new
    attraction of being able to pick your own bet needs to be refined. The scrolling is not user friendly.

  • michael lambert - 9 years ago

    this game does not let you get a winning streak - what the hell is insug funds have to do with having well over 50 times that. - go ahead and take another day to "get things right " YOU ARE STARTING TO SUCK.

  • Kathy - 9 years ago

    The one thing I hate is after I play a game it "jumps" to the back, love the way it played before, now I get confused on what I want to play next I wish I knew if I can choose to stop this from happening

  • Mary Koblitz - 9 years ago

    I did like this game but since High 5 was down for maintenance I have not been able to get my game library. When this is fixed I will play this game again. Hope that someone is working on getting this fixed.

  • gayle Bade - 9 years ago

    I cannot even get to my apps now that you people made amess of it if you would leave it alone! I only play hi 5 caniso but done with that now! it was the only games I played! I hope you will do something about!!!!!!

  • Rosa Moore - 9 years ago

    I like the " Perfect Gentleman " but at this time I'm trying to get all my favorites up to 100 point; Then I will continue playing the new games .

  • Nancy H - 9 years ago

    It started out playing and paying very well. Then went sour. Lost all my chips. Will take a while to build back up, but I'll be back eventually.

  • Ada A. Davis - 9 years ago

    durning my winnings and drop and credits total $204,750.. and it did not carry over to my totals.. if you can look at my play them you will see in perfect gentle it is taking away more than I am playing.. please help..

  • Kathy Kloiber - 9 years ago

    I made it to level 75 on the fighter game and so was eligible to receive Perfect Gentleman for free when it started this morning. I played to level 32 and left it for a while. When I came back, I was told I had to purchase it for $20. What gives????? Please fix this asap. I don't like to get ripped off!!! I will NOT purchase any of these games. Retirees have limited funds, if you didn't already know it.

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