Should an independent Palestinian state exist alongside Israel?


  • James Xedos - 9 years ago

    Its no, the palestinian's came out and celebrated on 09/11 when they hear what had happen. I can not have any good feelings for people who celebrate the deaths of innocence people.

  • bill - 9 years ago

    Yes, they should have their own state. The Palestines were there first and then England and the United Nation just decided that that was a good place for the Jews. How can you give land that belonged somebody else to a group of Europeans. It is just like what happened to the American Indians.
    Why do Europeans always believe that when they find something they discovered somebody's land for the first time they think it is theirs to do what they wish.

  • Kevin J. Reidy - 9 years ago

    @Roger Vander Logt: If you think Israel hasn't killed thousands of CHRISTIAN Palestinians or driven them from land they held since the time of Christ, you need to educate yourself a bit. Israel and the Zionists currently in control of that government have no problem killing anyone and anything that stands in their way of territorial expansion, including Christians.

  • Roger Vander Logt - 9 years ago

    Until all the bombings and air strikes from the muslim side of the fence stops, all those people who want a state for the Palestinians, should wait until the terrorists who believe they have a right to the land of the Jews, have nothing coming to them. I'm a German-American, who believes all people need to live together, work together and pray together for PEACE!!!!!! Someone needs to put the terrorists Muslins in their rightful place, that is buried under 10 feet of ground, face down so they can see where their faith is.

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