What is the best way to resolve the Makati standoff?


  • BongT - 8 years ago

    Anyone who were voted by the people in the government office! Should resign if they are under investigation! Kung hindi pa batas yan sa pilipinas gawin batas na yan! In the west or in the UK government officials step down straight away pag may complaints sa kanila or if they're being investigated...kasi kahihiyain para sa kanila na magkaroon ng complaints or wrong doing dyan sa pilipinas....nakulong na or proven wrong and guilty na ang mga government officials lalo pang nakadikit sa mga bangko nila....C'mon wala na talagang delekadesa ang mga opisyal dyan... ang kakapal ng mga muks! kasi lahat nang kamag-anak pamilya sa government....sila sila din ng paikot ikot sa position...kakasawa na! the government system of the Philippines needs a complete overhaul!!!!!

  • Mira - 8 years ago

    Nakakadismaya almost everyone is fighting of this issue,pero c Binay ng manalamin nakangiti parin,kahit alam niya ang totoong ginawa niya sa pera ng taong bayan,but the truth will come out,that no evil is a winner,yun nga lang minsan para sa iba ay huli na.

  • demigillo - 8 years ago

    please study the court's power of judicial review. Not even the ombudsman 's orders are exempted.

  • Jack Canadian - 8 years ago

    My question is, why did the Court of Appeals issued the TRO in the first place? They should've known their boundaries and have know first hand that the Ombudsman is an independent body, outside their jurisdictions. Funny, how the justice system in the Philippines works. It already the 21st century yet, they are still operating like the 70's.

  • RAMIL - 8 years ago

    Nagbaba na order from Ombudsman, and that order must be respected. Matuto tayong sumunod sa batas dahil lahat po tayo sa SAKOP nito. Wag nating ipakita sa sambayanang filipino na ganito tayo sa pagsuway dahil tayo din ang tatamaan nito kapag di tayo sumunod.....

  • Herc Enriquez - 8 years ago

    It's better for the Supreme Court to issue the final order sustaining the suspension order for the arrogant & jackanapes Mayor Binay to stay out of the Makati City Hall & let Pena do his job as the temporary head of the city. This way the Binays will have no more options on using another legal technicalities just to delay the process & continue to cling on to the mayor's seat. Let the Ombudsman do their job. If Binay is innocent, then he gets his post back in six months. What is really their freakin problem? I hope the SC will issue that order very soon. Nakakahiya sa bo-ong mundo ang ating govierno! The chaos in Makati has been witnessed & observed by all ambassadors all over the world who happened to reside in Makati. Get this shameful episode get over with.
    Orlando fl

  • Aga - 8 years ago

    The Philippine justice system has become a system of TRO and Motion for Reconsideration.

  • Junjun - 8 years ago

    If junkapit will leave his post that will be the end of his family's endeavor, everything will turn out dark for them. Please vote for the right option.

  • P.e.J. - 8 years ago

    Impose the law....drag binay out of the city hall...the law is the law...

  • Herbert S. - 8 years ago

    One more choice could have been:

    Burn the overpriced Makati City Hall.

    Along with Binay.

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