How Do You Receive Tornado Warnings?

  • Aaron Burcham - 5 years ago

    Tornado sirens are the only option I have at this time. The local news station is clueless. Weather forecast are unreliable. Already a good ways into a storm before they do any storm alert. I'm signed up for two diff mobile apps that are suppose to sent an alert to storms, tornadoes, ect. They never do until well at least 30 mins into a storm. It sucks. Plus, this is a HUGE county. A tornado could be 40 miles south in the bottom part of the county going some other direction, our sirens go off. If a tornado is in one of the surrounding counties going in the opposite direction our sirens go off. If something "thinks" they saw a tornado, the sirens go off. Too many people hear the sirens and think, well, it's somewhere other than here. I've gotten that way. Sadly.

  • Bev - 6 years ago

    I receive the warnings via weather app push notifications to my cell phone but I then go to my local news station for information regarding tracking that is very specific.

  • Amy R - 6 years ago

    I'm a bit hearing impaired. When I first moved to the South from the PNW, we discovered I cannot hear the frequency of tornado sirens. So, I was happy to find that I could get alerts sent to me as text messages straight to my phone. Then, last year, after our weather radio didn't go off with a cell only 8 miles away, I found the app for tornado alerts from the Red Cross, which I added. So, overall, that's 3 texting services, an app, and a weather radio. When one fails, there are definite back ups!

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