Who bears MORE of the responsibility in cracking down on bullying in our schools?

Posted 4 years.


  • Fred - 4 years ago

    Most bullying takes place online. Bullies don't hang out in bathrooms anymore.

  • Scott - 4 years ago

    The schools don't be doing ther job. They need to teach are kids better. They spend all the money on computers and don't be doing no teaching. We be needing more good teachers

  • Lori Kahler - 4 years ago

    The school and the mom and dad cause kids may pick on the kid at school and it may have nothing to do with mom and dad but at the same time the mom and dad needs to help to make sure this font happen again along with the school so both

  • Anne - 4 years ago

    I think that majority of the votes that say "schools themselves" are likely in some way connected to that profession. Truly the parents are having to go to the stages of contacting News and publishing publicly on websites the kind of treatment their children receive just to have any attention to the issue. It's not necessarily easy for the school's to be so specific on the way all of the children should behave. It isn't impossible though, and yes while they have a lot of work they take on, there should be no more continued excuses to not treat this problem as an important issue.

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