Phase 1 Poll: Which Star Trek Characters Have You Unlocked So Far?

  • VZs - 7 years ago

    I play more than I used to, and got all 4 crew members. Got Mort first, but unfortunatelly he didnt drop me that blue crystal after 4 times 8 hours tasks. Its doable Without any clams spent. I'm almost at half on space level, got everything from the replicator, and Still got 20 yellow and 4 green Crystals, Waiting for to go on. So far I like this event very much.

  • Jonathancomplex - 7 years ago

    This morning i finally got Mort and like Mentho said get 2 crew quarters and 2 rad cargo bays the drop rates are way better.

  • Sherry Arnold - 7 years ago

    I had the same problem as Patrick, I sent them on 20 hour task only to get nothing. Why the long tasks?
    They should be sent on shorter tasks, if your going to get nothing. But I got all of the first four characters.
    I'm happy. looking forward to more excitement.


  • Giancarlo - 7 years ago

    Already unlocked all available characters/costumes. I had to log more frequently than I usually do to get all the materials required. It was more difficult than other times, but it is doable, and you don't need to spend clams (at least I didn't). I guess that TinyCo could ease up some things, but I'm otherwise enjoying the event.

  • Ezio - 7 years ago

    It should made easier to unlock the characters,it takes days to unlock one.
    I hope i get them all.
    So far only Riker and Starfleet Peter.

  • mentho - 7 years ago

    protip for unlocking mort's skin, after your done with unlocking Geordi make sure you have 2 crew quarters and 2 rad cargo bays. Double your chance of energy and life support drops.

  • Lynne - 7 years ago

    Didn't unlock Mort because I am saving my yellow energy for level 2. I will reevaluate at that time when I feel it's the right time to get him.

  • Wesley Hucks - 7 years ago

    Hey guys, just so you know ferengi mort is easy to get if you build the rad cargo bay. It drops the cubes. It has to be the rad one though. Good luck!

  • Kyle E - 7 years ago

    I am only 1 coloring book away from Geordi La Forge.....i had an easier time getting the rainbows. I havent been able to get any synth cubes for Mort yet :(

  • Ren - 7 years ago

    So far I've unlocked Riker, and Starfleet Peter. La Forge is taking a lot of time to complete. The only thing I have left are 3 blasted rainbows that I'm sure will take 2 or 3 days "IF" I'm lucky..

  • Angie - 7 years ago

    Gave up on the rainbows, used some clams...ridiculous times...been trying last 2 days to get Mort's skin and still going

  • Jen - 7 years ago

    Is agree ,, why is it so difficult to earn stuff ,, only riker for energy ,,that's ridiculous and Bonnie for one ,, there are so many other characters that should be getting stuff,, really now I have over fifty characters been playing for about a year,, I mean I love this event but y'all making it to difficult to earn characters,, I mean phase two I need ten energy gems to unlock ,, man it took me four days to get eleven and still haven't got Geordi ..
    A guest for stuff ok,,, where is my stuff,,, Love the game but justs feels like there's not enough time to complete with the right amount of characters getting Stuff...,,,...?

  • Katelin - 7 years ago

    I've got William Riker, Starfleet Peter, & Geordi Laforge. I only need one more synthesizer ore to get Forengi Mort

  • John Pope - 7 years ago

    I gave up with Geordi paid with clams as rainbows never popped. Green cubes also never seem to happen Bonnie never dropped any cubes .....after three days it just wrong

  • Will - 7 years ago

    Almost done with Mort, still need two green cubes, building another super rad cargo bay to help out, then I'll be all caught up.

  • Stacy - 7 years ago

    Twenty hour tasks to unlock a character, especially at the beginning of an event, is just wrong. Beard trimmers took forever. Bonnie NEVER drops the synthesizer ore. After 72 hours, she's stinking drunk and hasn't dropped a single one. I don't understand why you make it so hard to get things rolling at the beginning of an event.

  • Heather - 7 years ago

    Hmmm I thought I was behind as I only unlocked Ferengi Mort today to complete the 4 characters available this week. Guess I should stop stressing.

  • Ian Hallam - 7 years ago

    Why can't we keep the enterprise after the event, Tapped Out has Springfield and a seperate page for Krusty land which is no different to the enterprise and Quahog as the main game?

  • Italo Duarte - 7 years ago

    Please make tasks less difficult, it takes a lot of time to get some items, the rare and extra rare shouldn't exist. it makes the game lose the good things it has.

  • 49erpony - 7 years ago

    So far so fun can't wait for next update

  • Patrick Cordova - 7 years ago

    Unlocking Geordi La Forge was a pain. Seven times I had no rainbow (on a 20 hour task) that is just stupid. I would have had better luck with a 2 hour epic task.

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