Was the Fantasia Groupie Tale real or fake?


  • SugahBabe - 9 years ago

    BEST (clap) GROUPIE (clap) TALE. (clap) EVER. (clap)
    *sits back down and pours jimmy wine in my latte*

  • Cuban B - 9 years ago

    Headin to NFLShop RAHT NAW to order my custom "JIMMY WINE" jersey for next season. Best. Name. EVAR!!

  • Cappadonna - 9 years ago

    This story is ridiculous, poorly write and absurd NOT to be true. There were too many details for a) this to be fake and b) this ghetto gorilla is definitely & an alumnus of Michigan State.......Penitentiary. Question, do you think OG was rocking a Members Only jacket or a 8 Ball jacket when he got into those Fantasia cakes?


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