Should ANY Aspect Of Policing Be Privatised? (Poll Closed)

  • Don't Know
    4 votes

  • No
    105 votes

  • Yes
    34 votes

  • Other
    3 votes

Posted 4 years.

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  • David Telford - 4 years ago

    Guarding insecure premises; Use highways agency staff for road closures and traffic re-direction after accidents; Death messages to appropriately trained third sector agencies; Anything to do with animals - RSPCA; Anything to do with mental health - NHS or Social Services; Custody - Privatise; Police should focus on - Crime (prevention and detection all categories); Patrol; Law Enforcement. Anything else should be privatised. If they get more resources then more focus can be given to core duty. Anything else should only be dealt with if there is a risk to life.

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