There Have Been Substantial Changes To Police Pensions. Are These (Poll Closed)

  • Don't Know
    6 votes

  • Any Changes Should Only Apply To New Scheme Members
    82 votes

  • A Bad Thing For All Members?
    71 votes

  • A Good Thing For All Members?
    3 votes

  • Other
    0 votes

Posted 4 years.

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  • Dave Heath - 4 years ago

    There have been so many changes to Police pensions in my time, you can work with colleagues on a different scheme, and they you!
    Imagine; having joined up and gone to training school with an officer who has to serve another 12-15 years more than you due to age!? Is that not ageist, never mind fare?
    Moral is awful amongst the ranks. The bosses above Ch?Insp do not care, they are in this job for the next 'rung' on the ladder. we have been sold short but our own and the Govt.

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