Should police be trained to "shoot to kill?"


  • J - 9 years ago

    Shoot where it won't hurt? Is there such a place? SMH.

    They should shoot to disable.

  • bob - 9 years ago

    police are trained to shoot to stop, NOT kill. If, while shooting a suspect, that suspect dies from gunshot, then he should have not created a situation where deadly physical force needed to be used by the police.

  • Collmc - 9 years ago

    If they shoot a suspect (criminal) in the knee, the suspect's (criminal's) hands are still free to pull out a weapon and use it - and you can bet your a$$ they will. To quote Jim Carey in the movie 'Liar Liar': STOP BREAKING THE LAW, A$$HOLE! And anyone protesting the death of the thug in this instance should be arrested and jailed for their blatant ignorance.

  • Brian - 9 years ago

    Shoot to kill. if you aim a weapon wether it be a knife, sword, BB gun, pistol, rifle or anything else for that matter at an officer of the law, or a registered gun owner for that fact and threaten their life. You should be prepared to and expect to die. These stupid motherfuckers who are going to riot in favor of someone who tried to kill a person, let alone a cop should be detained and interrogated like terrorists. They are terrorizing the lives of the family and friends of the officer who got shot, right? Why not teach these animals something about being caged up and beaten like they should be and they'll either smarten up or they can stay out...

  • JIBBER - 9 years ago


  • Jack Dalrymple - 9 years ago

    anyone stupid enough to aim a pistol or weapon at a police officer should be shot dead. I know if someone came at anyone in my family with a weapon or even with just the intent to do physical harm I wouldn't try to injure, i would shoot to kill.

  • Doug - 9 years ago

    Whenever you jackasses have to shoot a pistol at someone when they're coming after you and you have about 1 second to react, and it's your first time shooting someone, you let me know how easy it is to aim for the leg or the knee. Btw, I'm an combat veteran, I know what I'm talking about. So shut up and go back to waving a sign or something

  • no - 9 years ago

    A pig could shoot a knee and easily disarm a fugitive rather than kill them. More training should be provided so that cops aren't so damn scared and jumpy

  • Kenzie - 9 years ago

    i don't understand why people believe that officers should shoot to kill when the riot and protest about it every time someone does die it makes no sense and people don't understand how difficult it is for an officer to shoot someone whether the criminalizes or not

  • Edwun Ayala - 9 years ago

    It's not a surprice number of accertions to the first question for the point of view of the Citizens. Why!...I believe because the multiple and elevated Rate of Crime roketered the Nation, Wich became to be as Natural event in a country famous as a Cowboys Land , still... Were nobody want to be caugth by surprice by any means by The new era Bad Boys.- But as any cause has his own effects, Had civilians the Right to be Armer on the Streets?... sound Ilogical to me the apelatives given to a Police officer,specially a the Noble ones because the Mistakes commited by others on their Dutie time, b'cause constant feir of been attaked by untrained ones, those who are able to own a Gun buy on the streets like Candies in the store. And both sides, criminal and Public lawn protectors under the Greatest Commandament ever write, the First one said " Do not Kill " ... It's not doubt that, '' as a temerous Nation who admit to Honor the name of God, as became forgetfull about certain teachings given by Jesus, to not hate, but Love your Enemy. Also it's understanded that there are Rules that make differencies like War or in defence of yourself ,property,and love's ones. In any circunstance or emegency The ones who are Serving to Protect the Life of their citizens. bethough Discriminative minded Have to be trained to Shoot.... avoiding the cause of Death for the Unrested Souls who are not inocents of participate on Crime, in order to lead justice prevail. Obidience is the Path of good deeds and our own Salvation.

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