Should Lisa Dyer be fired as Principal at North High for calling one of her teachers racist in an email sent to the entire faculty?


  • Enrique - 8 years ago

    To all the students, teachers, officials, ordinary people I ask instead of learning your basis of knowledge of North high from hear why not simply visit North high and see for yourself were not a bunch of savages or monsters. Sit down in a class, have a conversation with a student to see the schools filed with a multitude of bright young kids who yarn to learn and are tired of having their good name thrown around, talk about like a prison. All the kids at North are great kids just some have difficulties,some have troubled past, but we ALL want to learn. So please instead of bad mouthing the great group of kids, teachers, staff, faculty, and principles, at North remember all of us want what's best for our loving Polar bear community

  • millhouse - 8 years ago

    Mrs. Dyre was extremely childish and wrong to have sent that email to all teachers and staff saying that Mrs. Harvey was a racist instead of talking to Mrs. Harvey herself about the situation before misinterpreting information that was actually against racism and Mrs. Dyre does nothing but talk about the problems in this school and if there are any serious problems here its Mrs. Dyre and Dr. Boone so lets take care of them and everything will go smoother as long as they arent replaced by someone as or less intelligent!

  • kritza Gonzalez - 8 years ago

    I honestly don't think she is a bad Principal she did everything in her power to make sure I graduate she has always been an amazing teacher don't let childish stuff get in the way she is noway racistand some teachers in the that school are racist and she is an amazing principlae

  • Antoinette - 8 years ago

    I am a former student of Janice Harvey myself
    And never for the past four years I was never, ever seen her picking and favoring kids whether you were White or Black , Hispanic or not this women would do everything in her power to make sure that you get the education that u needed ..
    She is an awesome teacher and I LOOK UP TO HER

  • Bryttanni - 8 years ago

    I am a former student of Mrs. Harvey she in no way has ever acted as a races she is a loving caring wants to see her students succeed she does everything she can to help her students at that school Way to diverse If anything the principal was only been there for a few years is the one that should be fired because as a 2012 that's cool was it amazing school Mrs. Harvey was so we all know the problem is something from above not from the teachers that are already there

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