Have you tried to get other people to read the OUTLANDER books, or watch the TV series? (Poll Closed)

  • Many times!
    268 votes

  • I got one or more of my close friends or family members addicted.
    283 votes

  • I've given copies of OUTLANDER to my friends or coworkers.
    61 votes

  • I got my book club to read OUTLANDER.
    5 votes

  • I've recommended OUTLANDER to strangers in the bookstore or library.
    26 votes

  • I've recommended the books on Facebook, Goodreads, or other online sites.
    10 votes

  • I've been spreading the word about the TV series and trying to get people to watch.
    71 votes

  • Of course! I enjoy being an OUTLANDER ambassador.
    90 votes

  • All of the above.
    340 votes

  • I've tried, but so far without success.
    76 votes

  • No, I haven't tried.
    26 votes

  • Other
    23 votes

Posted 4 years.


  • Allison Barnes - 4 years ago

    My Mum & I have visited Scotland twice since reading the books. Our Tour Guide recommended the Outlander series & it quickly became obvious that I was a fan. When we visited Culloden, I found myself in the bookstore surrounded by my fellow tourists, explaining how Diana created the books, the characters etc One of the ladies emailed me several months later to thank me for recommending the books & that she'd had a wonderful few weeks completely consumed by the books

  • Courtney Bolin-Walker - 4 years ago

    My husband and I began our relationship with some distance between us. He was in New Mexico and I was in Washington. As part of getting to know each other, we each read books that the other held in high regard. I had him read Outlander. Now, he's almost as excited as I am for the show to air! He's one of those Smart Husbands who understands that it's nothing but good for him to share this with me. He is my Outlander Sharing triumph!

  • Jan Petrie - 4 years ago

    Diana as a person and author is such an inspiration.

    Given her attention to detail and work ethic, she is the best.

    After hearing her discuss her 'work hours', I realized I found a compatriot!

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