Do you think a paranormal entity has latched onto you?

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  • Leanani Franks - 5 years ago

    I have several entity’s latched on to me
    I have pictures of them and one is bad and the others are just there .
    I can actually communicate with them or others . It has all been so unbelievable that it took us along time to settle down to accept that they are there. I asked but have gotten none except for 2 people and they wanted so much money to help we just had to decline because we could not afford it . We live in Las Vegas and still need some help please send me a email if you know where we can get some help . My health has seriously deteriorated since the first time it showed itself ,and then many other entity’s started coming ( it’s like once they knew we could see them More started showing them selves to me . Please help if someone knows what we can do to help with this

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