(5) Magic Breaks v. (5) Burn for Me (Poll Closed)

  • (5) Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews
    3,389 votes

  • (5) Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews
    1,071 votes


Posted 4 years.


  • Melinda - 4 years ago

    For me there was not really a competition between these two. Although I like Nevada and Mad Rogan, I LOVE Kate and Curran. Also, I felt that the first half of Burn For Me that Nevada was very Kate-esque. I love the inclusion of Dina to mediate the trash talking.

  • Anne H - 4 years ago

    Loved the trash talking on the blog. My eventual choice was Magic Steals, because, as Kate says, Kate and Curran were there first. That said, I also really enjoyed Burn for Me and am looking forward to the next in that series.

  • library addict - 4 years ago

    My brackets are both a disaster, but at least I picked the winning book in my 2nd chance one (barring Burn for Me getting 2000 votes in the next 29 minutes).

  • Leslie - 4 years ago

    Kate and Curren, they have no competition.

  • Jennifer - 4 years ago

    Yeah, LOVED the trash talk on IA's page that was FANTASTIC!!! Plus that the show off was held at the Inn from Clean Sweep the two of them are just fun!

  • yvette - 4 years ago

    L-O-V-E...... Nevada and Connor, and can't wait to read their story, BUT Kate and Curran are the stuff!

  • Dawn - 4 years ago

    Kate and Curran have my vote. I've been reading about them and rooting for them for several years of great stories, and Magic Breaks was one of the best of the series. As much as I loved Burn for Me, I have to give my vote to Magic Breaks.

  • Ken - 4 years ago

    Both books are great, I just voted for the better book cover.

  • Lil - 4 years ago

    Love both, but Kate is the s**t

  • Simone - 4 years ago

    Check out the blog on Ilona Andrews website. As a bonus Rogan and Nevada are trash talking with Kate and Curran. Dina (Sweep in Peace) is using her Inn as a middle ground. ROTFL

  • Nancy C. - 4 years ago

    Kate + Curran 4EVA
    Nevada, I hardly know ye.

  • Tuck - 4 years ago

    Hardest choice ever! Clean sweep would have been my first choice with all the Edge characters. Magic has all the back history. BFM still growing.

  • Maria - 4 years ago

    I loved both books, I'm a fan and I will read anything Ilona and Gordon write, but I have to go with Magic Breaks in this poll. The book was so great... I liked Burn for Me and would love to see what they do next, but Kate has a lo of history :)

  • Tiger Lily - 4 years ago

    I really like both of these books but I have to go with Kate Daniels. She and the rest of the crew have established a place in my heart that is open to only a select few literary characters. Nevada may join them one day but at present it is Kate Daniels and Magic Breaks.

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