Who provides care for your Springer when you travel?


  • Martii Wallahan - 9 years ago

    Many y years ago, I left my Springer girl at a boarders. When we were driving out she was sitting by the fence/kennel with the saddest face I have ever seen. From that time on I have used a pet sitter that comes to our home and stays 24/7 except for a three hour break every day.

    Once u get a sitter that fills all the needs of your digs, you can usually use that same oerson. In 20 years I have mostly had just two. We love them, the dogs adore them and I can truthfully say, I can relax and not worry. Unfortunately, a couple years ago, one of my precious girls passed in her sleep, just 3 hours before my plane got home. She was 16.5 yrars and we knew it could happen at any time. Our sitter was wonderful, knew exactly what to do. I was broken hearted that I wasn't with her, but knew my sitter who loved her was right by her side. Of course, I always leave my "dog care bible." We have two great pet sitting companies we use. So I might see a sad face when we leave, but know it won't be sad long? At one time, we had six Springers, so it is also much cheaper when u have multiple dogs.

  • Angie Fletcher - 9 years ago

    I found a boarding facility that is also an equestrian center. It is out in the country and the dogs are allowed to run and play in a meadow under supervision. The dogs are taken out several times a day (at no extra charge!) and I can tell they are very well looked after. My two springers get excited when they see me packing up their 'doggy camp' gear into the car.

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