How much of the blog do you read?

  • Mary Mercer - 5 years ago

    What fuun following your adventures! I don't miss any and am in awe. Wow!

  • Feiges - 6 years ago

    Really puts wage freezes, forced extracurriculars and even less sick time into perspective,
    Great fuel for my midlife crisis! We still miss you guys

  • Les Kranc - 6 years ago

    Hi, there, world travellers.
    I've enjoyed reading your blogs and viewing your pics. I'm so jealous of your scuba/snorkelling adventures.
    Mine pale in comparison. That Hong Kong blog was quite interesting--I didn't realize hockey was even played there.
    Continued safe journey

  • blair graham - 6 years ago

    hey there - I read most of your blogs along the way but had to take a break when it was -30 C here and you were demonstrating scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef...I mean, a fella can only take so much. Great work folks...I admire your choices...but am becoming increasingly disappointed with mine!

  • Ted Mercer - 6 years ago

    Just fantastic! I am exhausted at the end of each read. Keep it up.

  • Linda MacDonald - 6 years ago

    I am travelling the world with you. Enjoy all the entries, love the different points of view. Maybe do some enteries that contain more than one point of view.
    What a life long gift you have created for yourselves by taking this year. I admire you all.

  • Nancy McConnell - 6 years ago

    Really enjoying reading about what my cousins are up to!!!

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