SPEAK UP: Should students opt out of Common Core tests? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Will lower gas prices affect your vacation plans? 46 YES, 137 NO

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  • Lisa - 5 years ago

    Absolutely. The only "data" that is obtained is a skewed assessment of a teachers effectiveness. Data is not obtained or used for student lesson planning. Texts are not aligned to curriculum and they are designed for 70% of student to fail. The third grade test is written on an 8th grade level, many of our youngest, most impressionable learnersare asked to take a for profit test that is longer than most college boards.

  • Paul - 5 years ago

    Assessments not aligned to the curriculum causing anxiety and stess in our children and being used to evaluate the worth of our teachers. Harming children and destroying public education will be Cuomo's legacy. Nice job Andrew. I urge everyone to see how your legislators voted and let them know how feel.

  • J - 5 years ago

    The whole system is a politically and economically-driven disaster. Pearson Publishing, Bill Gates, charter school executives, politicians are the ones who profit-either with more profits or more power. The next generation, however, suffers because everything is geared for teaching to the test. When they come to me, in college, all they know how to do is memorize and ruminate on their grade. There's no critical thinking, there's no love of learning. It's not only sad but a pending catastrophe.

  • Brian - 5 years ago

    These tests are Cuomo's tool to ultimately save the state millions of dollars in veteran teacher salaries and full retirement payouts. The real cost will be a new generation of inexperienced teachers that got into the job because of the free tuition deal he made, knowing the profession is now a nightmare. They had to be bribed. A massive savings at the expense of quality. That will be his legacy. He sold out good teachers who got into the job because they wanted to teach and replaced them with those that wanted free tuition.

  • Carrie B. - 5 years ago

    These tests are not right for 8 & 9 year old children. They have no validity or reliability in measuring the things that the students in these grades need to learn. My peers and I went through school without these high-stakes tests, and we still went on to be productive citizens. It is a waste of instruction time and taxpayer money.

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