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Posted 4 years.


  • Michael - 4 years ago

    considering the ONLY one of the Blades to have ANY sort of career was bennie as a safety for Detroit lions --al never amounted to anything after college and His son wont either b/c of His maturity don't grow out of that kinda stupidity ....rain was decent WR for seattle too

  • Jim Scott - 4 years ago

    O' Arnold, find yourself a sense of humor.

    There are a lot worse things this could have been, and many of the stabs
    taken at a rival school by coaches are several times more severe than this.

    The kid is 15 years old, and what he did just adds to the pageantry that is
    college football.

    This wasn't anymore childish than when grown men yell at each other over
    a football game, or for that matter, someone yelling at a referee through
    their TV set during a game.

  • arnold edgar - 4 years ago

    the kid is a punk, showing how "CHILDISH" he is at 15. he has alot of ghrowing up to do. and i am sure, the Miami coached did not find this funny at all.

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