Do you agree with Lawrence Otis Graham philosophy? Will this prevent black children from being profiled?
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  • Venita Jones - 7 years ago

    Is he crazy! He’s nothing but a jigaboo, bowing down to the “master”! White kids do not even dress or act like he is suggesting his kids or other blacks should. So now he is subservient to the white man! He is trying to take the black race back to slavery days when we have no rights or original thoughts of our own. Instead he wants us to be held to a ridiculous standard that even white people do not adhere to! He has lost his mind!! He can go back to slavery days but I refuse to let my black children or myself join him! Why doesn’t he and his family just not leave the house unless they are in “white face” (you know how whites use to do “black face”) I feel sorry for him and his family! He’s lost! He does not stand for equality!

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