Would you support a ban on the sale of pet store animals?


  • All of the YES voters are butts - 6 years ago

    I understand your reason behind shutting these stores down, but have you thought about what comes after? The animals in the boxes are TEMPORARY. The blades of grass thing ticked me off because they probably haven't felt it before and being sold gives them the chance! Pet stores are located in malls and suburban areas, which makes them easier to access, which in turn, equals more animals being sold to homes. “I also wondered when the last time the poor animals had felt real grass beneath their paws or been able to enjoy real sunshine or a real walk with a human that cares about their well-being,” well these kittens and puppies are very young and probably are looking for a "real walk with a human that cares about their well-being" Your reasoning is dumb and can all be solved by buying the animal. Also, who cares where they came from, the past is in the past and more animals equals more variety to choose from. Honestly, there are barely any sane people out there, only activists, feminists, you name it. No one has common sense. This store is a great place and i go there all the time, its a happy place and i like spending time there. just keep in mind EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY. Katie Walker, if you have so much time to make a petition on animals who have shelter food and water, why not do a petition on the homeless? Or are you ignoring the homeless just because they aren't cute enough? You disgust me

  • Carolyn Micheals - 7 years ago

    Richmond City Council banned sales of puppies in pet stores after hearing documentation and the stories of what these animals go through. They sat silent and were shocked to be educated as to the reality of what these pet stores animals have gone through or are still living through.The council chambers were packed.
    People need to be more educated about the positives of adopting from LEGITIMATE shelters. And not paying some exhorbitant fee for an animal that would maybe have cost them less than half (or even less) and have received better overall physical and psychological care in a much healthier, happier environment such as a registered shelter.
    Also forget the newspaper and Craigslist ads. Alot of those animals are from puppy and kitten mills run strictly for profit and definitely not for animal welfare. The owners are great con artists not animal lovers!!!!

  • Lynn - 8 years ago

    Billy, you need to get your head out of your butt and take a breath of fresh air as your last remaining brain-cell has totally died on you which is obvious through your poor, irrelevant effort to make a statement ! Maybe your parents can get a full refund for every penny they spent on trying to get you educated, which was an epic fail buddy ! Twat :(

  • Lindsay Warner - 8 years ago

    For the morons still left in this world who still support "Superiorism" who think that one species or race or religion has greater worth or meaning please become someone worth remembering and educate yourselves. "I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being." ― Abraham Lincoln

  • jane butt - 8 years ago

    there is no dout in my heart. this so needs to stop. look at all them unhappy animals. my heart crys for them all. they look sick as well. please people adopt from shelter!!!!!!!!!!!!! get your pets fixed!!!!!

  • BigBlizz - 8 years ago

    Billy, you are a complete and udder MORON. It's ANIMAL CRUELTY. Go visit a puppy mill you heartless bastard.

  • Billy - 8 years ago

    Don't women have anything better to do than to find things to bitch about? The store owners are operating a business to support their own HUMAN family. A human life and well-being are greater than that of an animal. Penelope, you're a moron. Who cares if some animals don't "feel the blades of grass". They never have felt it before and thus, do not know that they are missing out on anything.

    I swear women in the western world have too much time on their hands. If you want to put it to something useful, then put your efforts into stopping the slaughter of the unborn. The women in Canada, especially in Vancouver are so damn pretentious. Get out and work, get married, have a family and do what you're supposed to as a women. Stop letting your hormones control you such that you look like a moron. Sad to know their are over 2,000 other hormonal supporters out there.

  • Penelope - 8 years ago

    Don't give up.. what you are doing is so worthwhile. I wonder how people would feel if that was a display of human babies.. maybe then someone would say "this has to stop." Please don't ever stop being a voice for those beautiful animals. Even though I don't know you, I am still proud of you... and those furbabies need your voice.

  • ashley - 8 years ago

    My only question is were do the pour things go if they ban it in stores, if they end up on the road the pound gets them and in 48 he's if not taken to a new home they kill them, I hate pet stores makes me very upset seeing animals in there I'd never put my cat in a glass box that's family.

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