How did you discover the last book you bought and read?


  • Stacey Jones - 8 years ago

    I participated in your poll. Thank you for entering me into your book contest. I find most of the books I read on or through e-book newletters from authors and Bookbub. I follow several authors and have a few friends who recommend good books to me. I also work near the local library and they make good recommendations to me from time to time. I'm recently learning about blogging and have a few friends on my site with good book blogs of their own. It can be overwhelming managing all of it, but I never lack for a good book!

  • Natasha - 8 years ago

    I answered the poll. Recently the majority of my book recommendations come from friends on Twitter.

  • Mary Jane Hearn - 8 years ago

    I started reading Harlequin Love inspired and liked them . I started following certain authors and then doing research on Christian authors. It kind of snowballed from there. When I find an author I really like then I want all their books. I get postings from Inspy Rpmance and learn a lot from that sight.

  • Debbie - 8 years ago

    I get a lot of newsletters from authors and if I've already read a book of theirs, I know if I will like their new one. But I also get ideas from excerpts that are at the end of my books on my Kindle.

  • Robin Kapshandy - 8 years ago

    I usually buy my books because of authors I follow but when I go to Meijer, Wal-Mart or other places LI books are sold I will look at the books and read the backs. This is how I find new authors too.

  • Linda Rainey - 8 years ago

    Over the years I always found my books on the new book shelf at library then started reading favorites
    I started reading Christian Fiction again recently and discovered Avid Readers of Christian Fiction, then Christian Reviewers. It kind of snowballed from there. I have met many great authors and got many awesome books.
    Social Media is the way to go. I use Facebook, Goodreads,Amazon and Pintrest.

  • Lori Weller - 8 years ago

    I enjoy reading others reviews of books before buying books of new authors to me. It helps me decide whether to get the book.

  • deb calvin - 8 years ago

    i still like looking at the book holding it and reading the back.

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