Assess the effects of larger economic forces such as changing technology and client pricing structure on the legal industry in the next five years.

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  • patrick a shea - 4 years ago

    The Bar, the Legal Profession and probably of greatest concern, the Academic Legal Community are web deniers. That is, each institution and its respective membership is going about their daily business using the web for their own uses, but not connecting it to the emerging reality that the "legal profession" except in some narrowly defined specialities, like Intellectual Property, has out priced itself from the market place, for example hourly rates of $1200 an hour are not sustainable. People and businesses will always need conflict resolvers and conflict avoiders (read contracts), but the market will supply less expensive alternatives. The choice is: The way of the blacksmith or the way of Google?

  • Roger Merritt - 4 years ago

    The Bar should increase its efforts to fight the unauthorized practice of law. Companies that provide forms on the internet, or elsewhere, are practicing law without a license. This hurts us attorneys, of course, but also hurts the public. Does anyone think that people who are not attorneys can properly complete and execute those forms? The Bar is headed in the wrong direction. For the benefit of us attorneys, and the public, those companies should be prosecuted for the unauthorized practice of law. The Bar should encourage prosecutors to do so. The Bar should also advertise to the public the dangers of not using a licensed attorney to prepare and supervise the execution of legal documents.

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