Do you think courts should be able to hold states accountable for climate change?

  • Rosa Kirkland - 7 years ago

    I agree that the government is not doing enough to help reverse what has been done to our environment. Every country should be held accountable as well. Only in taking these actions will we finally say that enough is enough. Our planet is a precious gift, not an object to destroy for the almighty dollar.
    If this is what it takes to be heard then more power to them.

  • John Bowen - 7 years ago

    I not only agree that states should be held accountable for lack of action on climate change, but I also argue that the CEOs top management and owners of the companies that contribute to climate change, that is the oil/gas/coal industry (that by the way are recipients of vast amounts of corporate welfare - in the billions of dollars per year) should be held personally accountable as well. When climate change affects these young people adversely, these 1%ers should be investigated under the RICO laws and have all their possessions confiscated.

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