What was the best song from Empire?


  • Sterling H - 9 years ago

    I can't believe You're So beautiful isn't winning! Terrance serenaded us and said he be watching you like the camera do and this is the thanks he gets!?

  • btouch - 9 years ago

    I voted "No Apologies" as the best song (and since the show itself uses it as its theme during the recaps, they probably agree), but my personal favorites are "You're So Beautiful" (the version that makes a man love a man) and "Lola" (which I know is a wild card; the production has a quasi-early 80s thing going on that I like).

    I do think that "No Apologies" is a more "solid" song, both in writing and production, than both of those. That makes sense, though, because "No Apologies" comes early in the series, and as they got into production, Jim Beanz (the lead producer and songwriter; Timbaland was working in a supervisory role for most of the season) ended up writing each episode's songs over the weekend days before they filmed the sequences they appeared in on the show.

    And, like most of the rest of the world. "Drip Drop" is a guilty pleasure for me too.

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