Did Ben Affleck Do The Right Thing By Omitting The Slave Ownership Of His Ancestors?

  • Sarah - 7 years ago

    I don't blame him for wanting to omit it. It's embarrassing (not his fault). If he didn't want something personal shared about himself then that is his choice.

  • Rhonda - 7 years ago

    To exclude the negative information of Ben Affleck's history is a disservice to the television program. The slavery discovery is NOT a reflection on Mr. Affleck's character. We, as a people do not have any control over the decisions of our ancestors. We do have a control over our present lives and what we do with ourselves. Show the whole, blemished program; warts and all. He has nothing to be ashamed of.

  • Marty - 7 years ago

    Dear Mr. Affleck, the actions of your ancestors does not reflect on you. Your deeds and actions are all that matter and by all accounts you are a good person. History should be the unvarnished truth whether it's good, bad or ugly.

  • Torri - 7 years ago

    First let me say that I LOVE Ben Affleck, but I think he was wrong for this. I think that he wanted to only show the "good" or "honorable" things that were in his family past instead of those things that may cast a shadow on his ancestry. Furthermore, I believe that if he would have allowed that to be broadcast, then his mother being a Civil Rights Activist would have been even more compelling because despite her family past she believed all people are equal and what they had done before was wrong.

  • Pam - 7 years ago

    I think Ben's Affect is a good Effect! It's time that people like him acknowledge and feel the shame, cruelty, and injustice that slavery and racism generates in this country.We people of color feel like this every day because of the color of our skin; however, we can't erase it out of our lives because this is who we are. Let's just view this as a confirmation that racism in America is ALIVE and some people actually are embarrassed to be associated with it. We don't even have to protest this....You feel me...You really feel me! : )

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