Would you like a forum on umFlight?

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  • MI Smitty - 6 years ago

    Hey man,

    As I've stayed in the hobby the past 3 years I've noticed (like you) that I just enjoy the littler guys more than park flyers. With that said, RCGroups is hard to contend with and then the others like rcuniverse and watt flyer are out their too. For your blog and eventual forum specifically for UM's to be a success:

    I think the lack of votes on "yes, I'd like a ultra micro forum" on this website is due to the perceived lack of interest....from you! I'm no web designer and understand it's really a blog but even I can tell this place needs to be spruced up to attract people. Next, get more content! Then, don't say things like, "Going to do this reviews on such and such, EVENTUALLY". That doesn't make people want to come back here often to see what's new! Hope I didn't offend just shooting straight here. Best of luck and if anything keep enjoying your blog!

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