Poll: What do you think of the Eagles' signing of Tim Tebow?

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  • Ed Leitgeb - 8 years ago

    That's Chippy Dippy Kelly for you. Gets rid of good players or leaves them walk and then sign a has been who never made it in the big league. Nick says fans need to relax on Tebow that too is a joke. Eagle fans want to win and it never gonna happen as long as Kelly picks losers like he has been doing. The ones who voted for their approval are a bunch of losers just like Kelly and his coaches are. Hey eagle fans go outside and wish upon a star for the eagles to win and when the star looks down on you and laughs at you don't be surprise. I told Nick in my email they would sign Tebow but as a sports WRITER he said no so I guess I knew more then him cause he has yet to respond to my email. Stop listening to Kelly he is so full of it. Do I care no I don't care it's just a good laugh to see what a jerk he is. Kelly says McCoy was traded because of the money and in pops Lurie and says he was traded cause he didn't fit into Kelly;s running game,. now you tell me who's running the team? Kelly yeah maybe but Lurie still has his say. So it's down eagles down on the road to the turnpike LOSERS.

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