• Sterling H. - 7 years ago

    Just want to make it known that I'm voting not just nay, but "rod as luscious lyon" nay.

  • Cappadonna - 7 years ago

    Dany is all around slipping. Her man piece knows it, the Masters and now the Slaves know it and even her Dragons know it. Her game isn't slipping, its fallen off the table and fell under the chair. She can't decide if she wants to be a real liberator or a politician. You give the rich dude who was killing slaves a trial but then you kill the slave for disobeying you? That's some biblical level fuckery. She wants to ensure freedom but she won't let people watch the fights. Now she's the liberal scold banning football.

    If nothing else, the Dany needs Tyrion to play Mickey to her Rocky, the Gus D'Amato to her Mike Tyson. She needs to get back to being "The Mother of Dragons". Right now she's not even the Handmaiden of Iguanas.

  • Jeremy - 7 years ago

    I have to agree with Karen's initial point about Dany. She is learning that there is a difference between conquering and ruling. She can be an idealist when she is conquering but pragmatism is necessary when you rule. Her statement to Yung Slave when he said she was the law revealed that. She screamed - The law is the law! That's important because if not all she did was trade the Masters' atrocities for the Slaves. If she believes in justice and fairness, revenge can't be their motive. It's almost a parallel to what Tywin said about Robert Baratheon. He could conquer but he could not rule. I think Daenerys' entire story arc is a comparison to each of the kings. How each decision could start her down the road of any of them....Robert, her father even Joffrey. I think she had to be the person she became with the Dothraki to become the leader..to learn to be fierce. However that's not the only trait that makes a good King/Queen. I think that conversation Tywin had with Tommen at Joffrey's funeral is more important to the story because it also can apply to Daenerys.

    I think Drogon came home to Daenerys to show that he still thinks of her but he has to do his own thing. I don't think him flying away was a rejection of her. It was just him saying he loves her but he has to "leave the nest".

  • Mudrow - 7 years ago

    She fucking up. She needs to get back to the political swagger and unite these Kingdoms!!! Tyrion bring your ass!!!!

  • LadyRock - 7 years ago

    She messin' up for sure, but I still have hope she will get right. If not then she has to go all the way left and have Drogon burn the whole city down.

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