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Blackwater 2.0: A Force for Good? (Poll Closed)

  • The damage is already done. Blackwater might be filling a gap in training and logistics, but its history dooms the company to infamy.
    218 votes

  • Bravo Blackwater. These are former servicemen who get a bad rap from lefty zealots who don't know the first thing about what it's like in the Sandbox. Keep the contracts coming!
    514 votes

  • Blackwater is a band of war profiteers who overcharge the government for capabilites the military already has. No slick salesmanship can walk back the damage they've done.
    454 votes


Poll posted 11 years ago.

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  • eddie haskell - 11 years ago

    Well they do it for profit and only make a profit when theres a war. but the up side is anytime they say soldiers don't need a raise they go to the PRIVATE sector and base our wages off theres. keep over paying them i get a riase every year.

  • Mitchka - 11 years ago

    They got some bad press, yes, but they are being hired by the military to do jobs that they don't want to do. It comes down to the individual person's decisions. 1 idiot can alter everyone's opinion of what is going on. Keep up the good work, and keep covering my six!

    CPL Heddrick, US Army
    Locale: Iraq

  • TheBoggyMan - 11 years ago

    wow, i really cant believe there is anyone in this world that thinks these guys are doing anything good for anyone. this is a joke of the highest order, bush and his henchmen are robbing us in every way possible, dont care about you or america and have pushed this group of SOF's down our throats for years to come... these people are evil, and you vote for them still. boggles my mind.

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