Favorite Verse On 'Speedom (WWC2)'

  • A.B. - 6 years ago

    These polls do not surprise me

  • quinn - 6 years ago

    Was incredibly disappointed in tech's verse

  • Justin Cole - 6 years ago


  • Justin Cole - 6 years ago

    Tech N9ne had me feeling the shivers!! But eminem really couldnt go with the beat. couldn't feel his flow going with the beat but still loved his rhymes!! And i dont even have to mention krizz. He killed that song like there was no tomorrow!! Love to art of rap, but when its the three gods are put together this shit is unstoppable!!!

  • Andrew ^S^ Waldon - 6 years ago

    i wanted tech to be my favorite verse, hell before rap god I didn't even listen to eminem. But I gota say em Had me sayin dwamn! But all 3 murdered this song.

  • Ryan Berendt - 6 years ago

    All 3 murdered it to the Fullest extent!!! I just think Em put more into his verse like John Dorn ^ said up there... he put A Lot of heart into his verse!!! Where I'm sure Tech and Krizz did just as much, but Em just showed and proved he can keep up with Anybody on Anything pretty much!!! I hope to see at least one more collaboration between Em and Tech before the two set the mic down for good, which I hope neither one of them does that for a Long time!!! #shadyRecords #Strangemusic #Eminem #TechN9ne #KrizzKaliko

  • John Van Dorn - 6 years ago

    It's not that I think Em's verse is better, I just feel he put way more heart in to his verse to be on that strange level, I already knew tech and Krizz would spit the fire as they always do, I was worried about what Am would do but in the end was highly impressed

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