Would you support a 5 percent state tax on income above $50,000 a year if other taxes were reduced?


  • Will - 9 years ago

    When are people going to wake up? Washington THE MOST REGRESSIVE tax system in the entire country. Poor people pay almost 20% of their incomes to state and local taxes while the rich in this state unjustly pay about 3%. It is only because we rely on the sales tax, even though it disportionately affects poor people. This is not how a just government is supposed to run.

    Oregon got the right idea: totally get rid of the sales tax and instead create a progressive income tax. There, rich and poor people both pay about 7% of their total incomes to state and local taxes. Get it together, Washington!

  • Mike - 9 years ago

    Eugene got it right. They will not stop at 5%, when they find it is not enough they will just raise it. We already pay one of the highest taxes in the nation. If Washington cannot make it work then fire them and find someone that can.

  • Eric - 9 years ago

    Remove sales tax reduce the gas tax reduce property taxes and remove the B&O taxes and than we can vote on an income tax. Until they REMOVE taxes and replace it with an income tax they will just basically tax us to death to where it would be un-affordable to live in this state.

  • Eugene Anthony - 9 years ago

    Once started it will stop at 5 percent. They will me.ver get enough money.

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