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  • Charles - 6 years ago

    Three Words: Stark in Winterfell

    Coupling: Arya & Needle

    I thought this episode was very good, though not as good as "The House of Black of White," which I thought was outstanding. As a book reader, I've been disappointed this season (increasingly so as the season goes on) with Cersei's story line. She doesn't seem to be nearly as wheels-off, paranoid-verging-on-insanity as I had been expecting. In fact, she seems to have been "immasculated" if I might use that phrase for a female character. Without Eddard, or Tywin, or Tyrion, or Joffrey, or Jaime, or evan Kevan to play against, I'm finding her character to be just a little . . . limp. As great as she's been over the first four season, I was just expecting more from her this season. I don't think it's Lena Headey's fault at all, but rather the script-writer's.

    Other than my disappointment in Cersei's story, though, I found the rest of the episode to be fairly compelling. I tend to kind-of like how Sansa's storyline is being merged with Jeyne Poole's storyline from the books. That's a fairly smart streamlining of two important stories from the novels.

    Arya's and Brienne's stories remain captivating to me, and the scenes at the Wall were strong as well. Oh, and so glad to see Jorah again. Poor Tyrion. Always getting kidnapped/arrested/captured. I thought at first that Jorah was going to throw him off the wall and hang him. Glad he didn't. :-)

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