Do you think Malaysia will manage Coral Aquaculture correctly?
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  • Jerree Pillai - 6 years ago

    Simply put, we in Malaysia had a beautiful seaside resort called Port Dickson in the state of Negeri Sembilan. Its considered by most locals to be the safest beach resort in Malaysia ( excluding resort islands ). One fine day, the Chief Minister decides to upgrade the resort town into a Disney mock up for the locals . Sand was reclaimed from the sea and the land around the beaches was extend further into the sea. Suddenly, this project was halted for lack of funds. Then it was left to rot and the natural decay took its toll. Leaving the major port town of Port Dickson to be a scantily looking town, which was a bustling town during its prime.

    Commercial buildings were built on some part of reclaimed land at the town and the undeveloped reclaimed land was left idle for drug addicts and moonlighting crooks to abuse it. Lesser people transited this town and businesses was slow. The Chief Minster responsible was replaced by another and the rest is history.

    Malaysia does not even have a good track record in maintaining its forest ( especially being the oldest rain forests in the world ), what more with this delicate ecosystem so valuable ?

    No to coral export from Malaysia.

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