What do you think about the fact that most health IT vendor executives are white men? (Poll Closed)
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  • Ann - 6 years ago

    Sounding "PC" , it's telling to me when a HIT firm's exec team is all white guys while serving an industry dominated by qualified women and minorities. These companies lack perspectives diversity bring that drive culture, and ultimately solutions.

    If Healthcare is highly diverse, why not more HIT exec teams? Is it really the mommy track? discrimination? or do many women get close enough to see life at the top and decide it's not worth the tradeoffs and treatment?

  • Rebecca - 6 years ago

    My sister (who works neither in healthcare nor software) has been working her way up the corporate ladder. In her experience, she has seen women placed on the "mommy track" (being given fewer, less time intensive, lower profile, or less interesting opportunities) after having children, and sometimes if the woman is simply perceived as being likely to have children in the near future. By the time executives are being chosen, most of the qualified candidates are male. My guess is that qualified women are not being overlooked, but rather many women (especially mothers) are missing out on the opportunities to become qualified.

  • Josie - 6 years ago

    If nothing changes, nothing changes!

  • Mak - 6 years ago

    The investors have every right to hire executives they feel will give them the best return on their investment. It's discrimination ONLY if non-white and/or female candidates with equal or better qualifications are overlooked. Otherwise, stop the whining. Political correctness on its own will not help a company succeed if they compete against other, better managed companies.

  • Wilson - 6 years ago

    Why must race be introduced into everything? Most of the people at HIMSS in booths are responsible for selling in some capacity. And the great thing about sales roles are that they are easily measured by how well they meet their sales targets. In my experience meeting sales goals beats any other consideration.

  • Elle - 6 years ago

    “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” - Henry Ford

  • John - 6 years ago

    Regardless of the cause, the resulting homogeneous product offerings are a direct result. Same to same.

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