Would the execution of the Bali Nine pair make you less likely to travel to Indonesia?

Posted 4 years.


  • Debbie - 4 years ago

    Bloody murderers!! only god has the right to take anothers life. This is a far worse crime than drug smuggling. 20 yrs in jail would be just and why should their families have to suffer for their crimes. Shame on you Indonesian president. I will never step foot in Bali again!!!

  • bruce - 4 years ago

    lve been too jakarta and bali,ld love too know howsome people from australia think its a paradise.,bali is a dump.corrput evil country,wont be back

  • Graham - 4 years ago

    Mr Ray Taylor I do hope your trip and anyone else's to Bali is a safe one and that the freed Bali Bombers or the likes (Nasty, Vicious CRIMINALS ) have no plans to disrupt it during your July holiday. Just a comparison/reality check for you not a threat or a wish for personal harm to you or others. Got the picture?

  • Greg - 4 years ago

    Ray Taylor...check your bags before you go. Qantas could still be employing smugglers. Bring some extra cash for the Police in case they decide to plant something on you or your family and you need an out. Have available even more cash, if the amount you give the police does not get you on a plane back home, and you need to have your lawyer throw it towards the judges and prosecutors.

    Then if all that still does not work, give some thought to how one can support the death penalty in a country in which, even those who deserve prison time like C and S, can reliably expect to have continuous corruption to the point of justice being fully, unquestionably and irrevocably unfulfilled.

    In other words...think about it a bit more. MACRO level. Big picture.

    Enjoy your vacation in paradise.

  • Ray Taylor - 4 years ago

    can only laugh at some of the hysterical comments. one in particular, "I would print 100,000 maps erasing Indonesia, and demand travel agents promoting Indonesia be shut down" how very constructive, " yes I am sure you would, your imagination must be illuminating. regarding Australians visiting Bali, the numbers continue to grow, my next trip is in July, and I look forward to it.
    another even hinting at drugs being planted, don't even go down that road, all have confessed and their guilt is blatant and obvious. Chan and sukamaran two nasty, vicious CRIMINALS were the ringleaders of the drug smuggling enterprise and I feel confident had they not been caught following a tip off they would have continued plying their disgusting trade. their lawyers have painted a very pretty rose coloured picture of their clients , butter would not melt in their mouths. and the gimmicks and time wasting appeals flowed like water.
    criminals such as these two contribute nothing, and we will be well rid of them.

  • jayne - 4 years ago

    No way will I step foot on indonesian soil again. How joko and his attorney general sleep at night beats me. It is 2015 and these barbaric acts are being carried out.. I hope Joko shows mercy and compassion even at this late stage.. may your God have mercy on your soul Joko.

  • Greg - 4 years ago

    C and S were incredibly nasty, selfish and dangerous guys. W E R E. And deserve to be punished and ideally, hopefully, rehabilitate. Which it clearly appears they have been. That's where this should end. As it should with the 'mules', some of whom clearly were brutally manipulated.

    Despite and in light of their internal corruption, Indon has absolutely zero moral ground to take the most drastic of conclusions and kill prisoners. Zero, absolutely zero and because of that AND their obvious disdain of Australia, it is unimaginable for me to think that Australia would have any but the simplest most basic relationships, and assistance of this entity going forward.

    I sit in the cheap seats in Canada watching this unfold and give high praise to the diplomatic and stoic advocacy by Australia's Gov't and high profile figures. Should the killing of these prisoners take place, I would also look forward to reading and seeing Australia roll back to next to zero, of relations with Indon and subtle economic isolation.

    I won't travel there, ever. How could anyone ?! Corruption, a not uncommon prospect of drugs being planted, terrorism. They want your money Australia, they just don't want you. What a barbaric state.

  • John - 4 years ago

    I would even go as far as demonstratong my disgust by printing 100,000+ world maps and Atlas' Australia wide completely erasing Indonesia from these maps and even demand that any Travel Agent that promotes and advertised Indonesia as a travel destination of interest be shut down. We must all stand united world wide to crush and dibilitate this country ,this government and these policies it promotes . Karma will as always have its revenge !

  • Cherie - 4 years ago

    I certainly will never go to Indonesia, why would you go there to holiday, constantly having to watch your belongings in case some corrupt cop places drugs in your stuff, so then they can blackmail you in an attempt to gain money, then you end up in prison. I would be forever looking over my shoulder, I don't trust any of them, they make me sick to my guts and what a great holiday that would be. I mean are you serious, these sick bastards hate us, we are only money to them and when they think they have ripped you off/conned you, they swear and laugh in their own lingo. Trust me, I was posted there in the armed services, I have lived amongst these monkeys and I learned an awful lot from just watching them. It is a very sick society.

  • Keegan - 4 years ago

    @Ray Taylor - I don't follow the media hype like most, like to read between the lines. I can only imagine that Renee Lawrence et al were made plea deals with the corrupt and unjust Indo legal system. There is no excuse for their behaviour, but the death penalty is not a solution nor deterrent for people of the likes of these young people as they were 10yrs ago. I do not believe in the death penalty as too many innocence are wrongly accused and executed as in the USA for example as stated in your earlier post. EG: If we in Australia were to still have the death penalty then Lindy Chamberlain ("Dingo's got my baby") would have been hung and 6ft under long ago.

  • Ray Taylor - 4 years ago

    Keegan, Furthur again, to your calling me a liar or a troll in your post. I suggest you type into your search engine. "Chan, death threats against Lawrence etc. " you will go to at least nine articles all are related to the death threats made by chan.
    " the fo23 Apr 2005 .
    .. For Renae Lawrence, 27, and her workmate Martin Stephens, 29, the ... Bali police allege the death threats came from Andrew Chan, 21, their ..."

  • Ray Taylor - 4 years ago

    Keegan, the statements concerning the death threats made by sukamaran and chan were made by a number of the Mules, Renee Lawrence being the one who dwelt on the subject and repeated it several times, if it is news to you, then obviously you have not followed the case very well. or else been very selective in what you wished to take in.
    chan and sukamaran, were the ringleaders of the drug smuggling attempt, it was not their first time, and if not caught I have no doubt they would still by plying their vile trade. they knew the penalty, they knew exactly what they were doing, but their intense greed prevailed

  • Keegan - 4 years ago

    @Ray Taylor - Perhaps they fear for their own families safety as I would and would hope you would too.
    " These two also were no strangers to the threat of death, they threatened their mules with death , and also their families if they bailed out " I find this an interesting personal insight of yours that is news to me and so has me questioning who or what you are if not a troll.

  • Ray Taylor - 4 years ago

    the above statements all refer to the executions as barbaric etc etc. and state they will refuse to visit a country so barbaric etc etc. America also has the death penalty, I do not see the holier than thou attitude exhibited in regards to the United States. my point being, double standards simply do not go very well with a holier than thou attitude.
    I visit Bali regularly , and will continue to do so, one thing I see regularly at the airport is large signage showing the penalty for smuggling drugs, these two are criminals of the worst kind, drug smugglers. and these two also were no strangers to the threat of death, they threatened their mules with death , and also their families if the bailed out . rehabilitated? if so, why then have they never told of the people behind their filthy criminal activities, and named those responsible??

  • Keegan - 4 years ago

    The constitutional court in indonesia have agreed to hear the case for chan and sukumaran on may 12
    lets hope they are still alive for the court hearing.

  • Knowles - 4 years ago

    Was going to visit during the Chinese New Year for 2 weeks but have been awaiting the outcome. I am not Chinese. I have been following this case religiously. Prasetyo is a disgusting human being. I mean, DISGUSTING! For him to take such pleasure in carrying out such deplorable act and traumatizing such families, instead, should be the one tied to a post and shot.

  • Elizabeth Gaudry - 4 years ago

    Legalised murderers ..... no way would I travel to a country that is so barbaric as to condone the death penalty, especially on two men who have shown such rehabilitation. Also , who's president is hell bent on trying to prove he is great , no matter what the cost to others.

  • Alison Odiam - 4 years ago

    Mr Widodo and his righthand henchman Prasetyo are the new Hitlers of the world.
    I will not ever visit Indonesia again, I will vote with my feet and my money against an appallingly corrupt justice system and government.
    The personal risks to all foreigners in this country are too great.

  • rhonda piani - 4 years ago

    to execute of drug smuggling in their eyes is the right thing to do, to execute over bali bombings in my eyes would be a fair thing, some got out of prison after a pitiful sentence for killing and maiming all these people yet they walked free, they executed a few to look good the rest are roaming free enjoying life, i wont travel to bali again, they are corrupt and evil and do only what suits them

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