Have you ever been a victim of catfishing or sexual blackmailing?
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  • Jay - 7 years ago

    When I was 18 I made the mistake of hooking up with this guy I met on boy ahoy. He recorded us without my permission and once I cut off all contact with him, he contacted me from a different number. Over and over again he threatened to post the video on Facebook, xtube, my school, job, house, anywhere until I sleep with him. I never did, and ended up ignoring him all together, cutting my losses. I told him I do not consent to having a video of me, taken without my knowledge, being posted online. I also took pictures of our conversation when he threatened me. Point blank, he is a scum bag and it's been my biggest regret. After years of blackmail, he still messages me or finds a way to contact me even if I change my number. He has even messaged me this year (21 years old) and said he loved me and always will. My point is, I hope someone learns from my mistake. Don't sleep with someone you think you can trust until you're 100% sure of what you're doing. On top of that, always make sure to protect yourself and maybe even not hookup at his place until you feel comfortable.

    Jean, if you're reading this - burn in hell you piece of shit.

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