Who is your favorite villain in the OUTLANDER series? (Poll Closed)

  • Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall
    650 votes

  • Laoghaire MacKenzie
    39 votes

  • Geillis Duncan
    178 votes

  • Stephen Bonnet
    226 votes

  • Rob Cameron
    4 votes

  • William Buccleigh MacKenzie
    57 votes

  • Phillip Wylie
    20 votes

  • Harley Boble
    6 votes

  • Arch Bug
    44 votes

  • Malva Christie
    28 votes

  • Dougal MacKenzie
    296 votes

  • The Duke of Sandringham
    18 votes

  • I don't have a favorite.
    191 votes

  • Other
    17 votes

Posted 4 years.


  • Kitty - 4 years ago

    Tobias Menzies is a good actor. His portrayal of Black Jack makes me hate his guts and wish I could torture him as he has tortured poor Jamie(or maybe even worse). I was disappointed to learn that we have to wait until May 30 to view the last episode. I have read several of the books and kinda know a little of what is to come--just not how they will do it. But in the words of Claire, "Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ,"--this is not nice to treat us this way!!!!!!!!! I love the series and hope they take it a long way. I love Jamie and Claire together--great soul mates!!

  • Stefanie - 4 years ago

    the actor who plays his role the best is Tobias for Black Jack Randall but I just despise the character so much for all he does and puts people through, I just can't bare to watch him on screen. But, that just shows how evil he is and how well the actor pulls it off.

  • S.D. Smith - 4 years ago

    I think I have to say The Comte St. Germain is such a mysterious and slippery fellow. He gets my vote as I still find him fascinating. Where is he from?

  • Sylvanaire - 4 years ago

    it's strange to pick a rapist as a "favorite" villain, but somehow I liked him anyway, or at least found him sympathetic enough in other ways so that he was at least tolerable. He was charming in his own way. Most of the other villains on the list have no redeeming qualities imo.

  • Maureen Burns - 4 years ago

    ...and I mean that with all due respect for your abilities. :)

  • Maureen Burns - 4 years ago

    If Dougal hadn't been in the running, I'd have voted Phillip Wylie....he was one of the few I loved to hate. Thank you Diana, for making them so despicable you couldn't even pick them as a favorite

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