Did you take offence to this ad?


  • fevermario - 8 years ago

    i acadently clicked yes darn it!

  • Ana - 9 years ago

    the ad was well thought out but the problem with it is not that there product was offensive it was the fact that all of there posters showed only one body type implying that it was the only 'beach ready body' which for normal healthy women came as an attack on there physical appearance.
    women have a right to stand up and say if your going to state what we are to look like make sure it is attainable and healthy don't give us one body type and say she is the only form of perfection give us your body types and show our beauty as well.
    there add didn't only attack women they had men on there posters as well and men felt the same way not every man has the same body type not every man can afford to go to the gym 7 days a week for 6 hours.
    real people have real jobs and real lives and have families to look after.
    to have these 'perfect beach body ready' bodies we would require all of our focus on our bodies and no one would ever have a deeper thought than 'how do i make this part of my body tighter for the beach'

  • Trevor Johnson - 9 years ago

    It is little fatties who are complaining. These things do not work in any case.

  • Roger Auctions Guy - 9 years ago

    I'll still buy their products. I think every weight loss/fitness ad in history has a good looking, fit person on it. How lucky for these guys to get all this free publicity!

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